Chrome exhaust tip — Polo 6R GTI

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I present photos of the new part, which is the chrome exhaust tip made of acid-resistant steel.
As you can read on the internet for VW Polo 6R there are 2 types of OEM exhaust tip. The original exhaust tip that can be found in the catalog has a not very interesting mount with a protruding screw. This screw is visible, so to get a good result you would have to get rid of the screw and weld the exhaust tip.
However, as it turned out, the same diameter of the pipe has the exhaust in the Polo 6R GTI version, which has two very effective exhaust tips. They are clamped, screwless. No worries – the clamps hold very tightly, it only takes a dozen or so minutes to attach the tip and you need to sweat a little to put it in 🙂
What’s more, the tip from the GTI version not only looks better and has a mounting without a screw, it is also in addition cheaper by about 56 PLN! And all because of the fact that it is not treated as an additional decorative element from the catalog, but as just a spare part.
The tip has a nice oblique notch and goes perfectly to the end hiding the pipe in the collar. It is not too wide, too big, nor does it protrude behind the bumper outline, so it does not worsen the appearance of the car and does not have the effect of “bad way” cheap and horrific tuning of car 😉

I ordered 2 pieces – the other will go to my older sister.

OEM exhaust tip from Polo 6R GTI.
Part number: 6R0 253 825 /  6R0253825

Below are some photos I took before putting on: