Rear bumper – Polo 6R BlueGT/GTI

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Rear Polo 6R GTI bumper (6R6 807 421 BD)

  • rear bumper diffuser (6R6 807 568 J)
  • side bumper reflectors (6R0 945 105 D, 6R0 945 106 D)
  • LEDs license plate lights – Scirocco / Golf / Polo GTI (1K8 943 021 C)

Tutorial: How to remove rear bumper – Volkswagen Polo 6R

I bought used bumper from Shadow Blue Polo 6R 3D 2012.
Rear bumpers in 3D and 5D are the same 😉

Photos of the seller from Allegro:

The big package with bumper in my home:

I had to finish the modernization because of other activities, so I secured the holes in the taillight recesses and the harness with plugs for the license plate lights (in case it rains).

A day later, right after work, I immediately started assembling a new bumper.

Now it looks much better 🙂

The old bumper is for sale: