RNS 510 OEM — Golf 6 / Transporter T5

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RNS 510 — LED, Hard Drive SSD, DVD Free

I bought this radio in June 2015 on allegro.pl from user: AGD_RTV_EXPERT
He sometimes also sells Chinese models, so you have to look carefully.
I paid for this 2 195,00 PLN. I also bought from him GPS antenna for 35 PLN (I temporarily mounted antenna on the center ventilation inlet).

Sometimes you can buy RNS 510 very cheap on OLX.pl – up to 2,500,000 PLN, you can easily find an nice radio unit with an SSD and LED backlight.

In future OEM GPS antenna will be on the roof – when I change my antenna and roof headlining. So far everything is working well, I have no problems with the range 😉

Part Number: 1T0 035 680 R

RNS 510 – info from VCDS:

Address 37: Navigation (J0506) Labels: 1T0-035-680.clbPart No SW: 1T0 035 680 R HW: 1T0 035 680 RComponent: RNS-MID H23 6276Revision: AB001001 Serial number: VWZ6Z7P2234584Coding: 00000400000000A20000Shop #: WSC 85046 004 02308VCID: 3D7749B6A406C4F6B0B-8068Subsystem 1 — Part No: 1T0 919 859 BComponent: EU West V12 8195

RNS 510 – unboxing

Time to install the radio in the car

I quickly got bored of the default ‘Highline’ theme, so I changed it to in my opinion a ‘Premium’ theme that fits the interior better.

The available themes for Volkswagen variant:

Read more about changing the theme on the RNS 510 radio.

RNS 510 – navigation (Highline Theme)
Polo 6R + RNS 510 (Premium Theme)

At first I used DVD as a music video player, but I quickly got bored of it…