Net side trunk — Seat Leon OEM

Net side trunk (5F0 868 917)
Genuine Seat Leon Boot Storage Net

— 5F0868917 – 56,27 PLN
— 6J0853585B – 4 * 2 PLN

Ordered parts:

To punch holes in the luggage compartment side trim to install the Leon’s mesh, it must first be removed. To do this, you need to pull out the backrest and unscrew the plastic upholsteries.

Removing the trunk side trim:

The final result:

I didn’t take too many photos, but I took the liberty of put photos from the ciclo‘s great guide.

Net side trunk

Tutorial by ciclo

Must be slightly adapt the net structure to the form where goes located. This can be done by hand easily.

For installation I recommend removing the side panel to make the holes where the clips are. I have used a punch and scissors, I have introduced a part of the scissors perpendicularly to the flaps of the clip.

With the three clips is enough for a solid and durable fastening.

source: https://www.uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=58703&start=60#p469759

All credit to Fernando