Door wind deflectors OEM

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Door wind deflectors
ClimAir Type A

Part number: 6R0 072 193

The optimal form of ventilation of the vehicle interior contributes to your driving comfort by improving the atmosphere inside the vehicle. Enjoy the circulating fresh air, even when it is raining or snowing, or avoid the unpleasant build-up of heat on hot days by opening the windows slightly. The low-maintenance, carwash-resistant wind deflectors are manufactured from high-quality, recyclable acrylic glass.
Colour: Smoke Grey.

The door wind deflectors fitted to the vehicle doors enable optimal interior vehicle ventilation to be realised, which contributes to your driving comfort. They also improve the vehicle’s interior climate and reduce interfering wind noise at the same time. The slightly open windows prevent heat build-up, which makes driving unbearable, during high temperatures in the summer. The door wind deflectors also help the air to circulate without it causing a draft.

Price: 288,25 PLN