Taillights from Polo 6C — teaser

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Something new: Polo 6C rear lights in 6R.

Taillights OEM — Polo 6C

  • right with reverse light: 6C0 945 096 H – 289,65 PLN
  • left with fog light: 6C0 945 095 H – 289,65 PLN

I bought newer version of tail lights, so there are “tinted”. Here you can see the differences in Polo 6C’s tail lights.

parts to make 6C to 6R taillights adapters:

  • 2 * 191 972 716 – 18,22 PLN
  • 2 * 1S0 972 706 – 7,01 PLN
  • 10 * N 904 887 01
  • 10 * N 105 112 01

All parts are from Authorized Service Centers.

Same as @ciclo I bought contact terminals from daschmax ([email protected]). Probably he has all kinds of contact terminals for all model of cars. When I ordered them, he didn’t have any pins I was interested in on ebay, but by contacting via email I ordered everything very efficiently:

I didn’t take pictures while making the adapters, but I can assure you that this is one of the simpler modifications. @ciclo from uk-polos made a lot of great pictures in his tutorial. I allowed myself to put them in blog (in case they get deleted or something): Wiring taillights retrofit 6C to 6R – DIY

All credits goes to Fernando who inspired me to make a car modifications! I’m just a copycat 😉

Small change…

I put the led reversing bulb from my old tail light.