Interior rear view mirror — VW Caravelle T6 Highline — teaser

Interior mirror, automatic anti-dazzle — VW Caravelle/Transporter T6 Highline
OEM Part number: 7E0 857 511 G 9B9 (7E0857511G9B9)

First part that I bought this year. Rear mirror from Caravelle/Transporter T6 2016 Highline with camera for HBA/FLA and RLS. It’s just the beginning. 😉

HBA = High Beam Assist
FLA = Front Light Assist
RLS = Rain Light Sensor

References in part number:

  • F — appearance is for normal equipment, the glass-mirror with plastic edges.
  • G — appearance for highline equipment, the glass is without plastic edges.

I choosen a frameless version (G), because looks more smart.

Fernando — thank you for all your help and support! =)