R-Line front bumper — teaser

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R-Line front bumper (6R0 807 221 R-LINE + 6R0 805 915C)

For a long time I was looking for front R-Line bumper in perfect condition with holes for washers and sensors. Most bumpers on Allegro.pl has got broken brackets, and sellers very often don’t publish close-up photos.
After some time I found the bumper in great condition, but without PDC holes. My collegue told me that holes aren’t problem, because it’s easy to drill holes for the sensors, so I ordered it.

This bumper costed about 600 PLN. Before purchasing I asked the seller to send me email with pictures of all the mounting brackets.

Remember not to buy the bumper if you don’t have enough photos!

Photos of bumper from allegro

And these are the photos I got in the email from the seller

Package with bumper

The bumper will soon be painted Shadow Blue LD5Q 😉