Front + Rear PDC / OPS — teaser (updated)

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There is no OEM Park Distance Control (PDC) button in Europe Polo 6R Hatchback because there were no factory front parking sensors on the Polo 6R Hatchback. After some time, they were available as additional accessories, but there was no perfectly matching PDC button for the center console..

So people have used the most often PDC button from Skoda Superb and mounted it somewhere near the gear knob:

Later, people used the Start/Stop button, until tuning companies (e.g. Carsystems) started to produce a replacement, with a parking sensor icon next to the factory start/stop symbol:

Fortunately, there is the genuine PDC button from Polo 6RU Sedan.
This was sent to me from Russia by Alexandr (aka firegrafik).

So finally I used correct PDC button instead of Start/Stop.

PDC sensors: 1S0 919 275 C (1S0919275C)

8K PDC Module: 7E0 919 475 L (7E0919475L)

Parking Warning Buzzer