R-Line/GTI fog lights + OSRAM H8 Cool Blue Intense XenonLook 4200K

Posted in: Exterior Lighting

When changing the bumper, I also had to change the old fog lights. Fog lights with DRL are the same in Polo 6R R-Line and GTI.

Part numbers and prices

  1. 6R0 941 061 E (6R0941061E) — 259.87 PLN
  2. 6R0 941 062 E (6R0941062E) — 259.87 PLN

I didn’t want to install any xenon hids or custom leds, because now I often use fog lights in a real fog. However, I knew that the factory bulbs have a yellow tint, so to change this I chose slightly more expensive light bulbs, but also OSRAM.

OSRAM H8 Cool Blue Intense XenonLook 4200K

Price: 119,99 PLN / set

By the way, I also bought OSRAM’s turn signal lights, model “Chrome Design”, which from afar look like chrome instead standard orange.

Price: 29,30 PLN / set


Factory OSRAM bulb (orange) vs. OSRAM Cool Blue Intense XenonLook 4200K (blue):