Rear exhaust — Polo 6R BlueGT

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I changed my rear exhaust for aesthetic reasons. I have rear bumper from Polo 6R GTI, so I decided that I need to have also twin exhaust pipes 🙂

There are two types of OEM exhausts with twin pipes:
— The GTI is 55 mm all the way.
— The Blue GT is 55 mm until the rear silencer which is 50 mm.

My current exhaust from the Polo 6R 1.4 CGGB has a pipe only 45mm in diameter, so for obvious reasons I chose the exhaust from the Polo 6C BlueGT. I bought used exhaust on allegro, and painted it to black matte.

Part number:
6R0 253 611 L (6R0253611L)

For visual improvement, I decided to paint it matte black. I cleaned the muffler and for painting I used paint resistant to 600 degrees Celsius.

The pipe from the exhaust of the Polo BlueGT has a larger diameter, so there was a problem with connecting the entire exhaust. Due to the fact that I only wanted the visuals, I decided to install only the end silencer.

A reduction adapter was used to connect the pipes:

Ultimately only the final exhaust has been replaced, therefore the middle muffler is for sale:

Final result:

After changing the exhaust, the sound changed a bit, but this is in favor of the Polo: