Heated Windscreen — stage 1

Heated Windscreen OEM

Some time ago I asked about heated windshield on drive2.ru.
Some people thought that Sedan has other size of the windscreen.

It turned out that V2talik bought in this time heated windscreen from Polo 6RU Sedan to beautiful black Daria86‘s 6R Hatchback.

​A week ago I ordered this windscreen in official Audi/VW dealership.

​My new windshield:

My old windscreen:

All part numbers

Part number: 6RU 845 011J NVB

Windshield assembly


1J0 972 751

071 973 851

Electrical installation (scheme)

Click here

If you have any advice for electrical installation I’ll be grateful for all information! 😉

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Now I’m waiting for RLS and Heated Windscreen Button.