Heated Windscreen – info

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Heated windshield in Polo 6R – electrical installation

There are 2 types of heated windscreen – depending on the rearview mirror attachment.

  1. 6RU 845 011F NVBPR-4GX+4L2
  2. 6RU 845 011J NVBPR-4GX+4L6


  • PR-4GX – Windshield in heat-insulating glass, heated
  • PR-4L2 – Dipping breakaway interior rear view mirror
  • PR-4L6 – Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming


Each Polo Sedan with heated windscreen has 140A alternator. If windscreen without heating there is 110A alternator. I suppose it is because of huge power consumption of the windscreen. And if switch on the all devices (front+rear heating, headlights, fog lights, seat heaters etc. 110A alternator couldn’t get managed with power consumption on engine idle rpm.


source: ciclo’s thread