R-Line roof spoiler — Polo 6R R-Line / GTI / BlueGT/6C R-Line

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Some time ago I bought a tailgate from VW Polo 6R GTI 3D — the hatchback is the same in the 5-door and 3-door versions.

In Poland, it’s cheaper to buy the whole tailgate, rather than the spoiler itself (which you later need to paint and glue…). Used spoiler costs about 1 100 PLN (18 651 RUB / 256 EUR), the spoiler together with the tailgate in good condtition costs 600-900 PLN. I bought my tailgate for about 700 PLN (11 870 RUB / 163 EUR) with postage included.

I’m a little picky, so I usually write to the seller before buying and asking for detailed photos. If the item is in good condition, I always receives a lot of photos from each side on e-mail or MMS. If the seller has something to hide, he doesn’t send photos, or sends one, in poor quality.

When I saw the auction with a tailgate in the color of my Polo 6R (LD5Q), I immediately wrote to seller.

I got a lot of photos, so I have bargained for the price of shipping, then I bought it 🙂

By the way, I also ordered seats from the Polo 6C R-Line. t, but more on that later… Here is my tailgate:

Replacing the tailgate is quite simple and fast — if you have not already installed the RVC. Well… I had to get a little tired to get the rear view camera wireing harness out, it was necessary to remove some connectors.

Once I have dealt with the wirings,there was time to change the tailgate.

The final result:

If someone would like to buy a tailgate, here is a link to allegro offers: