Blue brakes OEM — Polo WRC Street — part 1 (FRONT)

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Short info about part numbers + some photos.

Here is my list of part numbers needed for the brake swap to those from the VW Polo 6R WRC Street 2.0 TSI.

Part numbers to front brakes:

6R0615123 — brake caliper housing, left, version blue
6R0615124 — brake caliper housing, right, version blue
6R0615125C — calliper carrier (2 pc.)

6R0615311B — cover plate for brake disc, left
6R0615312B — cover plate for brake disc, right

8X0698151 — 1 set of brake pads for disk brake 310×25

6R0615301B — brake disc, vented, 310×25 5/100 (2 pc.) — I bought Zimmermann Standard Coatz 100.1240.20

6Q0407255S / 6C0407255A — wheel bearing housing, left
6Q0407256S / 6C0407256A — wheel bearing housing, right
6R0407621A / 6C0407621 — wheelhub with bearing, 72 mm (I used SKF products — there were no more expensive ones, so they should be good)


wheel bearing housing

N90954802 – oval hexagon socket head bolt M12x1,5×80 – 2 pieces (no. 20)

N10106402 – Hexagon collar nut self-locking M12x1,5 – 2 pieces (no. 21)

6Q0407396B – double hexagon nut M16X1,5 – 2 pieces (no. 10)

N10332002 – Hexagon collar nut M10 – 6 pieces (no. 12)

N90942902 – hexagon nut, self-locking, M12X1,5 – 2 pieces (no. 23)

You can see the end result here.

Thanks to Michel (iichel) I was able to buy brand new front brakes from Germany (ebay.de).
It was not cheap, but for blue I can always pay extra 🙂
In addition, brakes are OEM, unused, in the original BLUE color.

Brake caliper housings & calliper carriers

Wheel bearing housings

6Q0407255S – wheel bearing housing, left

6Q0407256S – wheel bearing housing, right

Cover plates for brake discs

  • 6R0615311B — cover plate for brake disc, left
  • 6R0615312B — cover plate for brake disc, right