Dilemma: which 16″ rims to choose?

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Few weeks ago I changed my brakes. They look very cool, after driving about 100 km I also started to feel a lot of differences in braking. They work perfectly and most importantly these brakes are blue.

However, now I need new winter wheels, a minimum is 16″. I think this is quite an optimal solution for the winter.
My new rims must be OEM wheels, in size 7Jx16H2 ET46. I have got two models on my eye:

  1. 16″ Salvador — from Polo 6C R-Line (similar to my current Mirabeau 17″, which I have for the summer)
  2. 16″ Italia — from Skoda Rapid / Fabia III 6V9

16″ Salvador (6C0601025J) – Polo R-Line 2015

16″ Italia (6V0071496) – Skoda

One new VW 16″ Salvador rim costs about 2635 PLN, and one new Skoda 16″ Italia rim costs about 610 PLN.
However new Skoda rim can often be bought in the promotion for around PLN 440.

What do you like more? Used rims are at a similar price, the new ones from VW are twice more than three times as expensive, but the rims from Skoda look more modern.


After publishing this entry on my drive2 logbook (because of too much censorship, I no longer run a carlog on the russian drive2 website), most commenters convinced me that choosing original VW Salvador rims from Polo 6C R-Line will be right 🙂