OEM front brake cooling air guides

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Not so long ago I changed the brakes, it’s time to improve the cooling of the brakes. It’s a pretty simple mod. I have small hands, so I could do it without removing the wheels 😉

List of parts:

  1. Air guide, left: 6R0 615 447 (6R0615447) — 6,31 EUR
  2. Air guide, right: 6R0 615 448 (6R0615448) — 6,31 EUR
  3. Fastening clips / spreader rivet: N 0385491 — 6 pieces (3 pcs needed per side) — 0.17 EUR

Left air guide: 6R0 615 447

Right air guide: 6R0 615 448

Fastening clips: N 0385491


All you need to do is turn the steering wheel fully, and we’ll get enough access:

to hammer them all the way in, I used what I had at hand: