OEM 16″ Salvador rims, 5X100 ET46 — Polo 6C R-Line

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According to the vote in my previous post, Salvador’s rims won. So I had to buy them 😊
I have always wanted rims in anthracite color (Gloss Gunmetal / Metallic Grey) which was another reason to buy.

Part number:
6C0 601 025 J (6C0601025J)16″ Salvador aluminium rim * 4

Unfortunately one new rim costs 2 636 PLN 😲

At the time I found an interesting sale offer on allegro. Initially, the rims cost 1600 PLN + about 80 PLN shipping costs. I negotiated a little and managed to get the price up to 1400 PLN together with the shipment. The price was occasional, one rim has minor damage to the paintwork, but these rims are for the winter only. 🙃

The package was really well secured, each rim was wrapped in foil, the edges were protected with a plastic cover, and the rims were inserted in a perfectly matched carton. The package was sent in two carton boxes, which greatly facilitated the courier’s transport.

Price: 1400 PLN with shipping costs (used, from allegro.pl)
I recommend this seller.

Currently, one new Salvador 16 inch rim from the Polo 6C R-Line costs 2,636.71 PLN :O