Airbag with hexagonal pattern — Golf VII GTI Clubsport S

I put up for sale my airbag some time ago. When I managed to sell it, I bought a new one, almost the same as before with one small difference — the new one has a hexagonal pattern.

Airbags for Golf are produced in Poland, sometimes you can find them on the allegro at a good price.

Part number: 5G0 880 201 AC (5G0880201AC)

5G0880201AC — airbag from Golf VII GTI Clubsport S

To make the horn work, I had to change few wires from the Golf 7’s airbag wiring.
I used this ciclo’s scheme:

I removed white-blue wire from T12/8 and inserted it to T5/4. Next moved grey wire T12/11 to T12/8. That’s all 😇
PS. Be especially careful with this modification. You can’t let the wiring be incorrectly bent because it may contribute to its damage! Now horn works in Polo 6R.
Of course, you can also use the wiring 7E0 from VW T6, Amarok, etc… (for PQ25 MFSW) but if it’s possible to make it yourself, why not? 🙃

In the next photos I will try to show how to safely remove the wires from connectors, so as not to damage anything.

new airbag fitted (oh no, I forgot about my dashboard 🤫)