Switching Manual AC to Climatronic

Some time I bought a vents and frames in black gloss, but the trim to the air conditioning panel didn’t match. I had ugly knobs, resembling an old gas stove, so it’s time to change it 🙂

I tried to put as much useful information as possible, that’s why you can find here a lot of photos and text. I don’t have any knowledge about cars, so during the installation I asked a lot of questions. Thanks for Michel for a lot of patience! In this guide a lot of text are from my correspondence via WhatsApp with Michel.
I apologize in advance for too much of photos, but… store is no sore 😉

Theoretically, this is a simple change, but because I’m an unlucky person I had some strange problems…

In 2017, I bought a heater unit, because I thought I would find someone who install it for me.

As it turned out later, the first heater I bought was without additional hose to glovebox, so without option for cooling RedBull cans… I didn’t know that there were versions of the heater, without a refrigerated glovebox.

Next I bought second heater — from Polo 6C TDI with PTC, but it came broken 😕 The heater was simply inserted into the cardboard box without any additional protection.

I really don’t recommend this seller: jaroslawbuchwald – unable to get along with him, he knew the damage was his fault, yet he refused even a partial refund, after which he stopped answering phone calls and did not reply to emails.

I bought it no via allegro, besides I didn’t have time resend it back and buy next one because my vacation was limited so i made 1 heater from this 2 which I bought 😇

I wasn’t too happy, but it’s time to get down to work…

Fortunately, VAG parts are like LEGO Technics… 🙂

Step by step guide

  1. Swap Manual Climatic AC to Climatronic AC – part 1: comparison, theory
  2. Swap Manual Climatic AC to Climatronic AC – part 2: required parts
  3. Swap Manual Climatic AC to Climatronic AC – part 3: preparation for retrofit
  4. Swap Manual Climatic AC to Climatronic AC – part 4: install new wires
  5. Swap Manual Climatic AC to Climatronic AC – part 5: Installing G191 sensor