Discover Media with software unlock

Thanks to MaDwArLoCk, I learned that in Russia it is possible to software unlock the Discover Media radio. In Poland, people only use patches, and the price of the service is quite expensive. In addition, allegro resellers have no idea what features the radio has and what is activated, which increases the price of the radio, because additional activations are needed. In addition, I don’t feel expert enough to solder a patch to the radio, and besides, the patch make impossible the adaptations.

That’s why I decided to buy a radio directly in Russia.

My radio before I bought it:

Radio while packing

I sold my RNS-510 few months ago, so during this time without radio I have additional glove box in my car:

After writing the post I got some messages until I came across a user Deniseco who had for sale Discover Media with DAB (5C0035680G). In addition, the radio has CarNet option (via Russian server — quite poor, because only weather, Russian news and online search works in it, but the online search itself works fine). I hope that someday they will develop this service, I could even prepare a website for messages in other languages ​​😊


This is how my radio’s trip looked like:

First launch of the radio

Look. It seems that live in the forest:

Joke. I just need to install other maps, I will write about it in the next post.

A totally useless but nice looking OFF ROAD menu also works:

More details about radio (codes):

I’m very happy with the radio, it cost quite a lot in the truth, but I’m crazy and I don’t like chinese replacements, especially since some Android radios after some time turn on 2 minutes…

Compared to RNS-510, the Discover Media radio is fast. It starts up quickly, works quickly, the touch works like in modern smartphones, and proximity sensors that hide buttons on the screen.

Added to this are other interesting options, such as AppConnect (Google Maps / Waze), MirrorLink, CarPlay, or VW Media Control.

A small disadvantage is the fact that in my phone the Mirror Link function works only at a standstill, while while driving I can use the Android Auto application.
On the xda forum I found information that:
” HTC and Sony phones doesn’t work when you start moving the car. VAG cars need (only for Sony and HTC) a VIM activation”

Maybe I will be possible to activate VIM on my radio via VCP plugin or something.

In addition, I now have two new problems.
1. I don’t have a DAB antenna yet — I need to install it
2. I decided to install more USB through USB hub with an active USB port. I currently have a 5G0035222E socket with active USB 5Q0035726E like Madwarlockwww.drive2.com/l/515196515233300904/

The USB hub doesn’t have an input for the plug with additional power pins. In addition, I haven’t found an exact description anywhere, only post seerzwww.drive2.com/l/493821459433521639/
which, however, didn’t show how he connected the 5Q0035726E USB socket to hub.