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After ordering the radio, I bought an AUX / USB socket that had previously been used in Golf 7.

I bought socket 5G0 035 222 E with active USB (5Q0 035 726 E) and AUX (5Q0 035 724) with a wiring loom included.

After installing the radio on the screen showed me inactive USB2 input, so I started looking for information on connecting another additional USB (the radio has only one USB port).

Ultimately, I would like to connect the USB also to the hole next to the 12V lighter. Fortunately, on the drive2, as usual, I found information about the retrofitting additional USB hub to Discover Media/Pro:

  1. www.drive2.ru/l/493821459433521639/ /seerzVW Passat Alltrack (B7)
  2. www.drive2.ru/l/463861966599881290/ /GellhamSkoda Octavia RS mk3
  3. www.drive2.ru/l/477895033505185881/ /Andrzej808, VW Touran I – used one USB socket from Polo 6C
  4. www.drive2.ru/l/479097624348066033/ /angrybeanVW Tiguan II
  5. www.drive2.ru/l/521447513715114794/ /gamester1VW Golf VII

I have already bought a USB hub with number 5G0035953D. According to information from the Internet, the C and D models support AndroidAuto.

 want to buy 2 slots with passive USB: 6C0035726B but I have to buy also other wiring.
Does any of you have a part number of cable that goes from the radio to the USB hub?

I think I will buy rest of cables from Poland, because they are cheaper than VW, and qualitatively should be better than those from aliexpress.

I found these part numbers of HSD LVDS wire and connector to USB hub:

In my AUX/USB socket I have active USB socket 5Q0 035 726 E. I need to remove it and replace with passive USB 5Q0 035 726 because wires from USB hub are without 2 additional power cables.

I’m still thinking about one thing. I have an HTC phone that doesn’t run MirrorLink while driving. On xda-forum people said: ” HTC and Sony phones doesn’t work when you start moving the car. VAG cars need (only for Sony and HTC) a VIM activation Probably I need to buy VCP VIMN plugin (Video in motion) and then it will be possible to unlock Video in Motion on my radio.