Discover Media — update maps to 2019/2020 (from official VW website)

I didn’t have my country in DM by default, so downloaded last version of maps for my region (Europe AS for Media Gen2).

I have OEM SD card in my DM, so I decided to download OEM maps from VW website, via Volkswagen DiscoverCare 🙃

5NA.919.866.R 1115 ECE AS 19/20
Region: ECEAS — Full Update
Size: 13.4 GB

I entered the official Polish website of VW, from which I was redirected to this German site:

Then I choosen Caravelle:

next selected Discover Media:

and downloaded Windows version of Volkswagen DiscoverCare (maps installer):

The filename is “discovercare_win_de.zip” but fortunately the program is also available in English.

Next steps:

put original card with maps to laptop/tablet/other card reader, and run DiscoverCare:

SD card must be unlocked