2.0 TSI engine from Scirocco R – teaser

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Ok, after a few years of searching, it seems to me that I managed to find someone suitable who could take care of the engine swap in my car.

Many workshops did’t take my question seriously, some ordered to buy all the necessary parts and wait a year for a free date, others, when they found out that the engine was to be for a small Polo, and not Audi, gave up at start.

There were many magicians who wanted to put the latest CJX engine from the Golf 7 or Audi S1 to Polo, but when I asked about connecting the electronics, most stopped responding. In Poland, there are many engine swaps to much older cars, but in such a Golf mk1 it’s not important what the instrument cluster has installed. However, I wanted all PQ25 electronics to work the same as the factory one.
That’s why the choice ultimately fell on the 2.0 TSI EA113 engine – just like the Polo 6R WRC Street.

Later, I began to several-month-long search for an engine. It’s hard to find a good engine in Poland. Everything that I found on the Allegro looked bad, even visually.
I started looking on ebay. This is how I found several offers from Poland too, but the prices of Polish sellers on ebay were twice as high as on the allegro. I watched a few items until I finally found an engine in the UK. The engine was from Scirocco R 2015. I contacted my tuner, then the seller, and ordered the engine while it was available (CDL engines in good condition are selling like hot cakes, there are less and less such engines)


alternator 140A 06F 903 023 F:

AC pump 1K0 820 859 S:

Engine in Poland: