Bought some parts needed for battery relocation

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Another batch of parts that will be needed for battery relocation and installation different engine.

Most parts are not in the aftermarket, so I had to buy new ones. In my case, if new parts are needed, I always choose the original ones.

battery console

(luggage compartment)

6R0804869B (6R0 804 869 B)

Price: 370 PLN

additional reinforcement

(luggage compartment)

6R0801981 (6R0 801 981)

Price: 93,00 PLN


socket head bolt with inner multipoint head M8X25

N10689301 (N 10689301)

Price: 8,09 PLN

bolt, hex. hd. (combi.) self-locking M6X16

N10098811 (N 10098811)

Price: 2,39 PLN (3 pcs. = 7,17 PLN)

hex collared bolt M8X30

N10109210 (N 10109210)

Price: 7,39 PLN (5 pcs. = 36,95 PLN)

wiring set for battery –

for models with rear battery, with cable crosssection 35QMM

6R0971226A (6R0 971 226 A)

Price: 151,72 PLN

retainer for fuse socket

6R0915343C (6R0 915 343 C)

Price: 70 PLN (I found used on allegro, new one costs 478,90 PLN)

wiring set for battery + (3640MM)

6R0971227 (6R0 971 227)

Price: 79 PLN (I found used on allegro, from Audi A1 1.4 TSI, new one costs about 800 PLN, so so it’s worth the risk.

retainer for battery

(luggage compartment)

6R0802717A (6R0 802 717 A)

Price: 69 PLN (I found used on allegro, new one costs about 120 PLN.


(trunk foams)

Price: 75 + 75 + 25 (for 2 foams and shipping). I bought this used set from allegro.

toolbox 1

6R6858857 (6R6 858 857)

Price: 75 PLN, I found used foam on allegro, new one costs 200 PLN.

toolbox 2

(trunk foam)

6R0012115 (6R0 012 115)

Price: 75 PLN (shipping with previous foam, I found used one on allegro, new costs 180 PLN.

To protect the luggage compartment from unnecessary scratches when trying it on and transporting to the workshop, I taped the edges of metal console with cloth tape.

Next I checked the fitting

Useful link: complete list of parts needed to relocate the battery.