Quaife ATB Helical LSD – teaser

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I have read on many forums that the XDS in the Polo doesn’t work very well, perform much worse than the Golf and only consumes faster the brake pads… so the best solution is to install a limited slip differential πŸ™‚

So I started looking for LSD for my Polo…

According to people from motor-talk.de, polo6rfreunde.de and uk-polos the most popular in Polo 6R is LSD from Quaife.
The price of Quaife LSD is affordable and for a typical daily car it should be enough.

“…it pulls a bit inward when you give it something. I driving a car every day and see that as one of the most sensible investments in the WRC.”

source: https://www.polo6rfreunde.de/index.php/Thread/11140-Differentialsperre-f%C3%BCr-den-WRC/?pageNo=2

“The Quaife lock is completely sufficient for everyday use, is not only more comfortable, but also significantly cheaper and has a similar effect to the electronic from the Golf Gti Performance, for example.”

source: https://www.polo6rfreunde.de/index.php/Thread/11140-Differentialsperre-f%C3%BCr-den-WRC/?pageNo=2

“the xds is not the same as golf gti performance iirc. It just brakes the slipping wheel to force the power the other way.
ive fixed mine by fitting a quaife LSD” /@Dink

source: https://www.uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php?f=56&p=575120

6-speed gearboxes from Polo are 0A8:

  1. 0A8300044G PNU (Polo 6R 2.0 TSI)
  2. 0A8300044L QQR (Polo 6C 1.8 TSI, Polo AW 2.0 TSI)

But there is no version of Quaife for 0A8 gearbox. I found Quaife QDF16R (for 02Q) and QDF13R (for 02M), they have the same price, so i’m little confused and I kept looking.

On the sporty versions of the Polo 6R/6C, the 6-speed manual reinforced gearbox MQ350 is marked 0A8, but in fact half of it is from 02M, the other half is from 02Q… and a bit from 02T :-D. Generally, it’s a 6-speed one, like for example from the old Leon Cupra, etc. with 1.8T, but in a different housing.

I wrote to the Quaife manufacturer, but they didn’t know what could be used for the 0A8 gearbox. They sent me to TSR Performance. According to TSR Performance the QDF13R is ok for Polo πŸ™‚

At the same time, I asked the same question on the uk-polos forum, where I got a reply from the user Dink confirming that QDF13R is the correct one for a 6C polo GTI with QQR gearbox.

There is only one store in Poland, which is the official Quaife distributor, so I didn’t have much choice.

I read on TSR performance website that ARP Crownwheel bolts (part number: 204-3003) are needed to install the QDF13R LSD, so I ordered them too. The bolts are required as standard crownwheel is riveted and requires drilling to remove.


The turnaround time was quite long, due to waiting for Quaife and ARP bolts which were not in stock, but regardless during the Covid restriction which are everywhere now it took 2 weeks – I placed an order on September 14 and the package was shipped on September 29. A day later she was in the workshop.