Intake Manifold Runner Flap Delete Kit

Posted in: Polo 2.0

The Runner Flap Delete Kit allows for the removal of the restrictive intake flappers from the factory intake manifold. The factory intake flappers can be a ubstantial restriction in modified vehicles.

The runner flaps are individual plates, functioning like a throttle body flap, located within each intake manifold runners. However, even when opened to the maximum position, the flaps still represents an airflow restriction.

The runner flap delete system fills the voids in each runner after removing the factory runner flaps.

After install this kit upgrading ECU is required to maximize performance, because simply removing the runner flaps can cause adverse running conditions during cold start. However through proper ECU recalibrations, the turner can eliminate this harsh running condition.

The material of the end caps which I used is the same as of the intake manifold, additionally reinforced with glass fiber.

At the end a new manifold gasket was fitted

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