Audi S1 ‘Coke Bottle’ 18″ alloy wheels – teaser

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To be able to fit better brakes I had to find some nice 18″ wheels. Initially I checked various aftermarket rims, but nevertheless I will feel better if I will ride OEM rims. Finally I found 18 inch rims with Audi A1 / S1 shaped like bottles.

Two tires are in good condition and two have little tread, but they are all over three years old anyway, so they can be thrown away. Nevertheless, due to the fact that there are fitted tires, the rims do not scratch so easily and they can be stored much more safely (moving in the garage, etc.)

Part number:

8X0 601 025 CC (8X0601025CC)

Size: 7,5J X 18″ ET37,5 5/100

Color: LT7/K80

Test fitting:

And this is what the rims on the Audi S1 look like: