HEL Performance Stainless Steel Brakeline Kit – teaser

I purchased two sets of blue brake lines. One for my “rubble” Polo (9n3) which I’m currently driving and the other for the Polo 6R which is under construction. In addition, I bought stiff, steel brake hoses for the rear (in black color, made in Poland), which will replace the factory-made hoses.

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New wheel bearing housings

I will need better brakes after the power increase. I decided to put my old stub axles along with the disc brakes into my Polo 9n3. I will put new stub axles into the Polo 6R, with new wheel bearings (the old ones are from 2018, so they will still be suitable for 9n3). Before […]

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Audi S1 ‘Coke Bottle’ 18″ alloy wheels – teaser

To be able to fit better brakes I had to find some nice 18″ wheels. Initially I checked various aftermarket rims, but nevertheless I will feel better if I will ride OEM rims. Finally I found 18 inch rims with Audi A1 / S1 shaped like bottles. Two tires are in good condition and two […]

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Sound absorbers PR-TA2

Sound absorbers from Polo 6R/Audi A1 2.0 TSI I had no heat shields on my sound absorbers so I had to change them. I saw on drive2 it’s possible with engine mounted, but certainly it’s easier without engine. № part number title note data model 7 6R0 863 831 D sound absorber for engine bonnet […]

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New intercooler – comparison

Old intercooler 6R0145805F 6R0 145 805 F stock, from Polo 6C 1.8 TSI, but it’s the same also in Polo 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI It comes from the Polo 6C GTI 1.8 TSI after 6,700 km and is currently for sale, price: 250 PLN / 60 EUR Seat Ibiza / Audi A1 2.0 TDI […]

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Old engine removed

1.4 CGGB 63 kW engine removed Bye, bye my old, reliable 1.4 CGGB! That engine served faithfully in my Pola from July 2011. For 9 years, I did 76K km mileage. Serviced at authorised service until the end of 2018 and never caused any problems.

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06A to 06F oil filter housing conversion

1.8T oil filter bracket with additional cooler As I don’t know any mechanics at all, I decided to rely on the knowledge of others. For this purpose, I read a lot of forums posts about what can be improved in the EA113 engine. This is how I found the info obut this modification: changing the […]

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Intake Manifold Runner Flap Delete Kit

The Runner Flap Delete Kit allows for the removal of the restrictive intake flappers from the factory intake manifold. The factory intake flappers can be a ubstantial restriction in modified vehicles. The runner flaps are individual plates, functioning like a throttle body flap, located within each intake manifold runners. However, even when opened to the […]

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Cleaning the intake valves

“W pokrywie są kanały co łączą przewód od skrzyni korbowej z pokrywą zaworów , do tego jest zawór odmy który jak jest za duże ciśnienie w skrzyni korbowej upuszcza gazy do dolotu i własnie dlatego tak w tym silniku brudzi się dolot . Po usunięciu odmy i skierowaniu gazów do catch tank oil dolot jest […]

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1.8T oil pump conversion

2.0T FSI engine has a weak point: Its counter-rotating balance shafts wear out prematurely. 1.8T oil pump conversion kit eliminates the problem parts and replaces the oil pump with an affordable, durable, bigger unit that will save weight and improve performance. The kit costs a fraction of what a balance shaft replacement does. Oil pump […]

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Quaife ATB Helical LSD – teaser

I have read on many forums that the XDS in the Polo doesn’t work very well, perform much worse than the Golf and only consumes faster the brake pads… so the best solution is to install a limited slip differential 🙂 So I started looking for LSD for my Polo… According to people from motor-talk.de, […]

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Mobile car air compressors

List of small air compressors Some cars have a factory repair kit instead of the spare wheel. My car had a spare wheel, but I still wanted to buy a factory air compressor. Before I bought it, as usual, I did a little research, below is a short list of the basic, popular models. While […]

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6-speed manual transmission MQ350 (QQR, 0A8) – teaser

While others are switching from a manual gearbox to a DSG, I was able to buy a manual gearbox MQ350 (QQR) from the Polo AW GTI 2.0 TSI. It’s used but has only 8 km mileage so it looks like new 🙂 In the meantime, I’m creating a new page with more photos 😇 A […]

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AirMan’s ResQ Tire Repair Kit

Great car compressor My car was no equipped with a air compressor. I wanted to buy something OEM, because there are many good opinions on about factory compressors that were used in Audi and VW cars. Before I bought it, as usual, I did a little research, here is short list with popular mobile square […]

KW V3 Inox Coilovers + Wagner Competition Intercooler Kit

KW V3 Inox Coilovers I traveled about 76K km on my factory suspension. In 2015 I put lowering springs (Eibach Pro-Kit) and have used factory shock absorbers so far. After changing the engine, the old suspension will not be suitable, so I decided to buy a coilover suspension with rebound adjustment option. Even though the […]

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Painting the boot floor

For the purposes of painting, the boot floor was cleaned, and then I took out the rubber plug – a plus cable to battery will pass in this place in the future. From factory there is no enough LD5Q paint there: Some blue added to trunk: I painted the trunk floor because it didn’t look […]

Bought some parts needed for battery relocation

Another batch of parts that will be needed for battery relocation and installation different engine. Most parts are not in the aftermarket, so I had to buy new ones. In my case, if new parts are needed, I always choose the original ones. battery console (luggage compartment) 6R0804869B (6R0 804 869 B) Price: 370 PLN […]

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2.0 TSI engine from Scirocco R – teaser

Ok, after a few years of searching, it seems to me that I managed to find someone suitable who could take care of the engine swap in my car. Many workshops did’t take my question seriously, some ordered to buy all the necessary parts and wait a year for a free date, others, when they […]

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