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HEL Performance Stainless Steel Brakeline Kit – teaser

I purchased two sets of blue brake lines. One for my “rubble” Polo (9n3) which I’m currently driving and the other for the Polo 6R which is under construction. In addition, I bought stiff, steel brake hoses for the rear (in black color, made in Poland), which will replace the factory-made hoses.

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OEM front brake cooling air guides

Not so long ago I changed the brakes, it’s time to improve the cooling of the brakes. It’s a pretty simple mod. I have small hands, so I could do it without removing the wheels 😉 List of parts: Air guide, left: 6R0 615 447 (6R0615447) — 6,31 EUR Air guide, right: 6R0 615 448 (6R0615448) — 6,31 EUR […]

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Blue brakes OEM — Polo WRC Street

Braking systemThe main reason why I changed the brakes is the factory blue color (ultramarinblau). People who know me know that I love this color 💙. Furthermore they look better visually and probably braking a little better. Big thanks to iichel for helping me with coding and collect all the necessary parts to do this mod! 🙂 […]

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Blue brakes OEM — Polo WRC Street — part 2 (REAR)

I found the rear brakes on ebay.de, they were also on the autoparts24.eu. Theoretically, on the site was cheaper, however, when counting shipping to Poland they were much more expensive. Each form of shipping to Poland was very expensive and on average profitable, but thankfully with the help of iichel, who ordered the brakes to the […]

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Blue brakes OEM — Polo WRC Street — part 1 (FRONT)

Short info about part numbers + some photos. Here is my list of part numbers needed for the brake swap to those from the VW Polo 6R WRC Street 2.0 TSI. Part numbers to front brakes: 6R0615123 â€” brake caliper housing, left, version blue6R0615124 â€” brake caliper housing, right, version blue6R0615125C â€” calliper carrier (2 pc.) 6R0615311B â€” cover plate for brake […]

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Swapping ESP Bosch 8.2i pump to Bosch ESP 9.0i

To properly coding the rear disc brakes in my 6R, it was necessary to replace the ESP Bosch 8.0i pump with a newer version of the Bosch 9.0i. It was necessary to change few wires in the ESP/ABS pump connector: T38/ ESP8.2iMay 2009 ESP8.2i Nov 2009 ESP8.2i7L6 May 2012 ESP9.0i PQNov 2012 ESP9.i MQB ESC 1 […]

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Painting brake calipers

Time to start the summer season! Finally I managed to find the time to change the wheels. By the way, I decided to change the color of the brake calippers and rear drums. Everyone paint them red, so I chose blue 🙂 I love blue color 💙 In order not to waste time drying the […]