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Audi S1 ‘Coke Bottle’ 18″ alloy wheels – teaser

To be able to fit better brakes I had to find some nice 18″ wheels. Initially I checked various aftermarket rims, but nevertheless I will feel better if I will ride OEM rims. Finally I found 18 inch rims with Audi A1 / S1 shaped like bottles. Two tires are in good condition and two […]

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OEM space-saving emergency wheel

Some time ago I changed the brakes to a larger one, making my 14″ winter wheels useless, so I sold old winter wheels and the spare wheel because the brakes from Polo WRC Street require a minimum of 16″ rims. Because in the future I plan to put the battery in the trunk, I decided […]

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16″ winter wheels fitted

Current research suggests winter tyres are better than summer tyres any time the temperature drops below 7Ā°C. So now my shadow blue 6R fitted with winter tyres should stop more quickly and be less prone to skidding in any weather conditions šŸ˜‡

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OEM 16″ Salvador rims, 5X100 ET46 ā€” Polo 6C R-Line

According to the vote in my previous post, Salvador’s rims won. So I had to buy them šŸ˜ŠI have always wanted rims in anthracite color (Gloss Gunmetal / Metallic Grey) which was another reason to buy. Part number:6C0 601 025 J (6C0601025J) – 16″ Salvador aluminium rim * 4 Unfortunately one new rim costs 2 636 PLN šŸ˜² […]

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Dilemma: which 16″ rims to choose?

Few weeks ago I changed my brakes. They look very cool, after driving about 100 km I also started to feel a lot of differences in braking. They work perfectly and most importantly these brakes are blue. However, now I need new winter wheels, a minimum is 16″. I think this is quite an optimal […]

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