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Some of the details

Few details of my new VW Polo 6R. This is my third car and I hope it will stay with me longer.

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The first “long” route

The first night in the local parking lot behind me. Day two – trip to Oświęcim and back, so millage on instrument cluster has increased… On the route Pola performed very well. It was not without traffic jams, however, combustion at a satisfactory level. I tried not to torture the engine too much, so I […]

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Welcome to blog about my little Polo!

Yo! My name is Szymon (Simon in English) and I’m from Poland. I’m a front-end developer by profession. When I have free time I like hiking in the mountains, riding a bike, tinkering around a car or watching movies. My car has standard Highline equipment with RCD310 and MEDIA-IN. I bought it in July 2011. […]

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