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Heated Windscreen — stage 1

Heated Windscreen OEM Some time ago I asked about heated windshield on drive2.ru.Some people thought that Sedan has other size of the windscreen. It turned out that V2talik bought in this time heated windscreen from Polo 6RU Sedan to beautiful black Daria86‘s 6R Hatchback. ​A week ago I ordered this windscreen in official Audi/VW dealership. ​My new windshield: […]

Front + Rear PDC / OPS — teaser (updated)

There is no OEM Park Distance Control (PDC) button in Europe Polo 6R Hatchback because there were no factory front parking sensors on the Polo 6R Hatchback. After some time, they were available as additional accessories, but there was no perfectly matching PDC button for the center console.. So people have used the most often […]

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Headlight washers OEM — teaser

Headlight washers — Polo 6R OEMThe headlight washer system has an electrically driven rotary pump that sprays water or cleaning fluid at high pressure onto your headlight glass from the outside. This means safer driving in rain, snow and muddy road conditions. The Headlight Washer System is mandatory with xenon headlamps. Necessary parts 6R0 955 […]

Rear View Emblem Camera OEM

Rear View Camera (RVC) in VW Emblem OEM You can find photos taken after unboxing in my previous post, here: Rear View Emblem Camera OEM — teaser For the assembly I needed soldering iron, some cables, a mower brake cable (for pulling the cables to tailgate) and a lot of textile tape. The assembly process has […]

Chrome exhaust tip — Polo 6R GTI

I present photos of the new part, which is the chrome exhaust tip made of acid-resistant steel.As you can read on the internet for VW Polo 6R there are 2 types of OEM exhaust tip. The original exhaust tip that can be found in the catalog has a not very interesting mount with a protruding […]