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Taillights from Polo 6C OEM

The lights from the Polo 6C look more modern 🙂 My previous post about tail lights: Tail lights from Polo 6C – teaser Part numbers 6C0 945 096 H (6C0945096H) 6C0 945 095 H (6C0945095H) Tutorials Guide – DIY Wiring taillights retrofit 6C to 6R – DIY Removing tail light – videos

Full LED headlights OEM + Static Cornering Lights + Optic Parking Sensor System

Teaser: Full LED headlights OEM — teaser Useful tutorials: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10hGPOEdIl0hlTNIDRBqVKHvFHVgsFY_1osu9o-Gz7ZQ/ (removing glovebox) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V6XVnaaPbprxjmqNnYIhZx8Tv7ilXZ2ZzUqcXzvMdvc/ (removing rear bumper) https://mypolo.nl/xenforo/threads/howto-6r-6c-led-koplampen-in-polo-6r.9747/ (Full LED from 6C to 6R – retrofit) http://www.uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=68178 (AFS) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fLssg7-gGVqEx-Ha3g3XI9GQGEn3D5POuBr9FVVtjnk/ (Xenon in 6R – photos, info etc.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wmk1_IjoS1yDARSNwqJezufFoJrrYyoU3-yCrTMDTfs/ (PDC/OPS) Cornering lights

Full LED headlights OEM — teaser

Full LED headlights OEM — Polo 6C (6C1 941 773 + 6C1 941 774) + static cornering lights in the R-line fog lamps. Finally, I collected all the parts =)This is surprising what people can send in a kitchen sink box: List of parts Full LED headlights — Polo 6C (6C1 941 773 + 6C1 941 774) Washer fluid reservoir […]

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Taillights from Polo 6C — teaser

Something new: Polo 6C rear lights in 6R. Taillights OEM — Polo 6C right with reverse light: 6C0 945 096 H – 289,65 PLN left with fog light: 6C0 945 095 H – 289,65 PLN I bought newer version of tail lights, so there are “tinted”. Here you can see the differences in Polo 6C’s […]

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White H7 bulbs — Xenon Look ~4100k

White H7 bulbs — xenon look ~4100k (XERH7 Dectane 55W X-Xenon)High Performance Xenon Bulbs with improved light efficiency compared to the standard bulb. I bought two H7 bulbs “Xenon Look” produced by Dectane for my high beams because I wanted to see how they shine. Seller wrote to me, that they are more white than Philips […]

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White LED Daytime Running Lights

White LED Daytime Running Lights (BA15s 1156 Power LED 4×1.5W + Cree Q3 + LENS white 4.5k) LED bulbs have come today. In daytime lamps standard bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs BA15s (1156) Power LED 4×1.5W + Cree Q3 + LENS white 4.5k (PLN 75 / pc.). Daytime running lights are very bright […]

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White LED Reverse light ~4500k

White LED Reverse light (EC77-EPI10W)BA15s (1156) 10x 5W Epistar LED + LENS 50W 4500k Polo unlike my former Ibiza has only one reverse light, so to provide the best possible visibility I bought a 50W white LED bulb. Technical data: Socket: BA15s (1156) P21WPower: 12V / 24VResultant color temperature: 4500k-4800kColor / Color Temperature: neutral white ~4500kBrightness […]

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