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Rear light bulbs in Polo 6C

Information about bulbs in the Polo 6C tail lights Polo 6C – tail lights bulbs H21W halogen bulb ‘longlife’ – rear fog light N10445602 P21W BA15S bulb ‘longlife’ – reversing light N0177326 P21W BA15S bulb ‘longlife’ – brake light N0177326 W16W bulb ‘longlife’ – bulb tail light N10591501 PY21W BAU15S bulb yellow/longlife – turn signal […]

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Part number’s signs

Some info about Polo’s part numbers. Part number: 6R0 XXX XXX Frequent differences in part numbers 6R1, 6C1 = LHD (in 99% of cases) 6R2, 6C2 = RHD (in 99% of cases) 6RU = Sedan 6RD = China 6RF = India

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Themes on RNS 510

In this article I will try to introduce you to the available themes in the RNS 510 navigation and a simple way to change the skin by encoding using VCDS. Vehicle-specific user interfacesOn the RNS 510 radio/navigation system, a large number of the controls appear on the touch screen as described.Furthermore there are different pre-programmed […]

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Card Holder – Skoda Rapid IND

OEM Card Holder from Skoda Rapid IND 2014+ fit to Polo 6R (if you don’t have heated seats of course). I found this holder in the pictures of the Indian Skoda Rapid, maybe someone will need it 🙂 Smartclip Card Holder above the infotainment system can be used for those parking slips & toll tickets.

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How to remove and replace rear bumper on VW Polo 6R

Removing rear bumper Remove tail lights Remove bolts -4- on left and right sides in area of wheel housing liner. Remove bolts -3- (pointing upwards) on left and right. Unscrew bolts -6- and remove clip -7-. Pull rear bumper cover -1- out of fasteners in lateral guides, -arrows b-. Further dismantling requires the help of […]

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