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Painting the boot floor

For the purposes of painting, the boot floor was cleaned, and then I took out the rubber plug – a plus cable to battery will pass in this place in the future. From factory there is no enough LD5Q paint there: Some blue added to trunk: I painted the trunk floor because it didn’t look […]

Gloss Black Dashboard Vents + Radio Frame + Climatronic Cover — Polo 6R R-Line/GTI

I love R-Line style and glossy black interior plastic trims (aka piano lacquer or black piano), so I bought this gloss black vents + radio & climatronic frame.More info about part numbers: here Frames are used, come from the Polo GTI 6R 2011. I received cup as a gift from the seller.I bought these on the Allegro for 320 […]

Automatic Lights + CH/LH + Light Assist (wiring looms) — teaser

Few new magic things — wiring looms from my friend from Spain 🙂+ Auto Headlight fog lights switch in Polo 6C style. It’s OEM, from Shanghai Volkswagen with VW quality standards. Part number:5ND 941 431 E XSH (5ND941431EXSH) – it’s from the Tiguan Highline that is sold in China exclusively, with red backlight (the same like […]

Alternator 140A VW 14V Valeo

As you probably know, I’m preparing to install a heated windshield. As suggested firegrafik and ZZZhuk I replaced first my 110A alternator to 140A. I bought it from member of vwgolfv.pl. It’s regenerated with new regulator, new brushes, new NSK bearing (such as goes to the first assembly from factory), new commutator and changed clutch pulley (to fit my […]

BCM Max from VW Caravelle T6

BCM PQ25 Max4 H80 0733 (7E0 937 090 Z4Y) With the great help of Fernando I connected BCM Max 7E0 from Volkswagen T6 in my car. What was needed was an interference in the electrical system, because the wiring in the Transporter is different that which is factory in Polo 6R. After many hours of work […]

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Interior rear view mirror — VW Caravelle T6 Highline — teaser

Interior mirror, automatic anti-dazzle — VW Caravelle/Transporter T6 HighlineOEM Part number: 7E0 857 511 G 9B9 (7E0857511G9B9) First part that I bought this year. Rear mirror from Caravelle/Transporter T6 2016 Highline with camera for HBA/FLA and RLS. It’s just the beginning. 😉 HBA = High Beam AssistFLA = Front Light AssistRLS = Rain Light Sensor References […]

Bluetooth Premium Module from Passat CC OEM (rSAP, WLAN, A2DP, SMS) — teaser

# Bluetooth Premium Highline Module OEM — Passat CC (3C8 035 730 E)Compatible with all phones Bluetooth Premium Module from Passat CC.# More function in rSap mode— Wi-Fi hot-spot— SMS reading on head unit or MFA / writing on headunit# A2DP support— show title / artist name on MFA or headunit— full control of bluetooth device […]