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Discover Media — added logotypes of radio stations

My radio didn’t have radio station logos, so I downloaded them from the official Volkswagen website: RU (логистика станции):webspecial.volkswagen.de/…t/lv/ru/index/downloads#/ EN (station logos):webspecial.volkswagen.de/…/int/en/index/downloads#/ PL (logotypy stacji):webspecial.volkswagen.de/…pl/pl/index/do-pobrania#/ Mirror on Yandex Disk (all countries):yadi.sk/d/KBn7vSNKQzFfMw BEFORE: AFTER: Manual (from VW website):STATION LOGOS FOR YOUR INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM. This is how you install the logos on your system: 1. Simply save the file to a folder […]

Discover Media with software unlock

Thanks to MaDwArLoCk, I learned that in Russia it is possible to software unlock the Discover Media radio. In Poland, people only use patches, and the price of the service is quite expensive. In addition, allegro resellers have no idea what features the radio has and what is activated, which increases the price of the radio, […]

RNS 510 OEM — Golf 6 / Transporter T5

RNS 510 — LED, Hard Drive SSD, DVD Free I bought this radio in June 2015 on allegro.pl from user: AGD_RTV_EXPERTHe sometimes also sells Chinese models, so you have to look carefully.I paid for this 2 195,00 PLN. I also bought from him GPS antenna for 35 PLN (I temporarily mounted antenna on the center ventilation […]

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