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AirMan’s ResQ Tire Repair Kit

Great car compressor My car was no equipped with a air compressor. I wanted to buy something OEM, because there are many good opinions on about factory compressors that were used in Audi and VW cars. Before I bought it, as usual, I did a little research, here is short list with popular mobile square […]

OEM Audi battery jumper cables / jump lead

One day, when looking at car parts on allegro, I came across a quite interesting offer. As it turns out, the BMW accessories store had Audi cables for sale at a price much lower than at the official Audi store. Genuine Audi battery jumper cables / jump lead — 8R0093050 Audi/VW Price:

Inverter 230V 150W OEM

Inverter 230V 150W OEM — Audi A8 / VW Golf 7 Variant (4H0 907 155 D) It works only when the engine is running (after ignition key like OEM in Audi, Passat, Golf, Jetta etc.) 8) It’s nice to have a 230V socket in the car, but it turned out that no Polo 6R had a factory […]

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Upgrading the IC, CCS, MFSW & Bluetooth Premium

Upgrading the instrument cluster, Cruice Control System, Multi Function Steering Wheel and Bluetooth Premium.  Information about the parts # Instrument cluster MFA Plus — Polo BlueGT (6R0 920 870 CX)— enable needle sweep (indicator celebration / gauge test / staging)— Add data MFD. Refuel.# Multi function steering wheel — Scirocco R-line (1K8 419 091 AP QGW RLINE)# […]

6R0953521B, 6R0959654

Cruise Control – teaser

Stalks with Cruise Control stalks: 6R0 953 521 Bclockspring: 6R0 959 654 Differences in clocksprings: 6R0959653 – models without ESP 6R0959654 – models with ESP and static cornering lights (with steering angle sensor) Differences in stalks: 6R0 953 521 – with ring, full set from factory. 6R0 953 507 – without ring Pictures from the offer […]

Instrument cluster MFA Plus — Polo BlueGT OEM — teaser

Instrument cluster MFA Plus — Polo 6R BlueGT (6R0 920 870 CX) 240km/h I decided to upgrade my instrument cluster, with one that has Maxi Dot Display 🙂 The MFA+ speedometer from the Polo 6R BlueGT, which fully supports the buttons on the newer type multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth Premium, RNS 510 and many other functions. The […]

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Curtains rear sunscreen OEM

Genuine curtains — rear sunscreenPart number: 6R4 064 365 Tailor-made sunblinds for the rear window and rear side windows. They are designed to protect you and your passengers from direct sunlight, without obstructing vision or interfering with road safety. Supplied with fitting kit and instructions. The sunblind is being placed on the inside of the […]

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Rear Trunk Transboard Storage Tray

Ideal for small items. There isn’t available the OEM version of transboard storage tray for Polo 6R, so I bought it from China. Fits very well into the Polo 6R boot. I bought this on aliexpress.com from Autobazzar: aliexpress.com/item/Rear-…W-Polo-6R/1976858385.htmlBrand name: AUTOBIZPROPrice: 99 USD This was my first purchase on aliexpress for this amount, I was a […]

Net side trunk — Seat Leon OEM

Net side trunk (5F0 868 917)Genuine Seat Leon Boot Storage Net Parts:— 5F0868917 – 56,27 PLN— 6J0853585B – 4 * 2 PLN Ordered parts: To punch holes in the luggage compartment side trim to install the Leon’s mesh, it must first be removed. To do this, you need to pull out the backrest and unscrew the […]

White LED Vanity Mirror Visor lights ~5000k

White LED Vanity Mirror Visor lights ~5000k (A72C-5365k) Excellent light bulbs, clear white light, shine much brighter than standard.Price: 20 PLN per unit. Replacing bulbs is very simple, bulbs shine a nice white, and they are a lot brighter than ordinary factory bulbs. I bought them on motohid.pl, paying PLN 20 apiece, but you can find […]

Samsung Vehicle Dock + Samsung Galaxy S2

A few days ago I received my last order: the Samsung Galaxy SII phone. After unpacking my smartphone, I was able to enjoy the branded ROM from Play and went straight to the installation of another ROM. Polop000 from the GSMX forum came to my rescue, thanks to which it didn’t take too much time […]

Pedal Cover Kit OEM

A small thing but nice…I forgot to add that during today’s visit at the authorized service center, I bought a gift for the first year of my Polo. Establishing was a bit laborious, but it was worth it – the end result is satisfying, at least for me, because mainly I see them and use […]