About me

Yo! My name is Szymon (Simon in English) and I’m from Poland. I’m a front-end developer by profession. When I have free time I like hiking in the mountains, riding a bike, tinkering around a car or watching movies.

When I bought my car, it had standard highline equipment with RCD310 and MEDIA-IN. I bought it in July 2011. I love blue color, that’s why my 6R is Shadow Blue (LD5Q).

Because I couldn’t find a correct place to put a lot of my photos, and post with option to write in English and Polish I decided to create own website about my Polo 6R.

Sometimes I have an idea, I buy something, and then it has to mature a few months or years before it is finalized. But these are the charms of a hobby car. I do everything in my spare time, and as far as my budget allows 😉
Therefore, sometimes there are teasers that will be completed in the future.

Another reason was that I lost my job due to COVID-19, I had one month termination of the employment contract so I had more time to start working on my blog 🙂 This blog is mainly for my mates, not for fame.  I know, it’s only small Polo, but I like it, and I don’t need different car for city driving, to go shopping etc.

It’s fucking crazy, that because of corona in one moment, I stayed with no job… but with with 2.0 Scirocco’s R engine, K04-064 turbo, KW-V3 suspension, Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler etc.
On the other hand, I would rather not eat, but finish mechanical things in my car.

I thank everyone who has helped me so far, especially iichelciclo, peter_dk25, firegrafikv2talikMaDwArLoCkDeniseco, jetseg, sheethalbilgi, benzinkopf, Iprot and other crazy 6R’s owners from all over the world!