My Polo 6R

Shadow Blue Volkswagen Polo 6R OEM+

Originally my Polo 6R had standard highline equipment with RCD310 and MEDIA-IN. After leaving the factory Polo had a reliable and relatively dynamic 1.4 86hp (CGGB) engine. I bought it in July 2011. I love blue color, that’s why my 6R is Shadow Blue (LD5Q).

Sometimes people ask me a question like this:

Do you think you will ever reach a limit and say, that’s it. The car is finished? No more money on this?

The answer is simple. My car is my hobby. Each hobby costs fair amount moneyโ€ฆ so I don’t count the cash spends to car parts (besides, counting expenses could be bad for my health) ๐Ÿ˜›
And hobby projects have no deadline, so probably never will be finished at 100%. I still need to finish a lot of mods, but not a whole car. TBH it’s too hard to finish car which is your hobby.

Features and Specs

Interior mods and retrofits

Exterior mods and retrofits

Engine compartment & running gear