I love R-Line style and glossy black interior plastic trims (aka piano lacquer or black piano), so I bought this gloss black vents + radio & climatronic frame.
More info about part numbers: here

Frames are used, come from the Polo GTI 6R 2011. I received cup as a gift from the seller.
I bought these on the Allegro for 320 PLN (including shipping).
Currently 320 PLN = 73 EUR = 62,50 GBP = 78 USD = 4 700 RUB.

6RF 819 703 A NOR –  left air vent

6RF 819 728 A N0R — middle air vent

6RF 819 704 A NOR – right air vent

6R0 858 069 E N0R — trim for radio aperture 

6R1 820 039 C 041 — trim for fresh air and heater controls

If you want to buy these dashboard vents on Allegro, you can look for the phrase “ramki polo” or “kratki polo”:

The name “6R” isn’t always in the auction title, so don’t take it into account in the search.
Sellers often confuse car model 6R with 6C so always check it twice.

PS. As you probably know I haven’t Climatronic yet, but it’s on my list of changes to be done this year.
Here is a great tutorial from RoFIREmaN and photos of necessary parts 😉