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Replaced broken protective cap for contact +

When installing an additional wire from battery (−SA−) to the interior fuse box (−SB−) to power the heated windshield, I remembered about my damaged battery positive terminal cover. I don’t like when something is not as it should be, so the next day I ordered a new cover. protective cap (main fuse socket, for contact […]

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7 years together

A very Happy Birthday to my little Polo 🙂 Today is her birthday.Now she has more grown up.Every year she’s becoming more perfect. 😇 Mileage: 64,258 km I still have a lot of plans for my car and I will certainly not sell it in near future!

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The idea of installing a heated windshield on the Polo

My windshield is for sale because I need an original mirror mount with rain/light sensor to install frameless rearview mirror with HBA (from Caravelle T6 Highline). When I was writing about replacing the rear mirror to install HBA/FLA (High Beam Assist aka Front Light Assist) on the forum UK-Polos.net, ciclo inspired me to install heated windscreen. […]

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Thorough washing

A gift for Pola on the occasion of the jubilee of the milleage. As I wrote in an earlier entry, Polo reached 10,000 kilometers. So it is time to give a gift for this event. Car was washed and thoroughly cleaned in Carnaub’s detailing studio – the boys did a good job, except that they […]

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The first service – oil change

Today I had an appointment for a car inspection after the first year of use. The oil filter and filter insert have been replaced. In addition, the pollen and dust filter was blown through – replacement at a mileage of approx. 6 700 km was not necessary. As it turned out, I could use my […]

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Cleaning the exhaust tip

As my exhaust tip has already been quite dirty and I just couldn’t wash it, I decided to test SONAX Chrome & Aluminum Paste in practice. The paste is generally available in supermarkets at car stands with cleaning agents. In the beginning, I tried to spray Sonax Xtreme for rims for a test, but with […]

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The perfect rim cleaner – SONAX Xtreme

It’s been several days since I fitted up the summer wheels, so they have already got dirty. I used SONAX Xtreme for washing – it isn’t expensive (in some supermarkets you can sometimes find it for as much as PLN 20), and it perfectly cleans the rims, so you don’t need to scrub them – […]

CQartz – after 100km

After driving about ~ 100km, the car still looks fairly clean. Metalic varnish with quartz coating looks even better than the factory one in the salon 🙂I hope that now no bird droppings on the car will be terrible for me in the near future.The varnish is so delicate that after bird droppings on the […]

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Quartz coating – CQuartz

As the paint in the new Volkswagens is quite soft, I decided to protect it from scratches a little. CQuartz, quartz coating was applied to the entire car and alloy wheels. The fabulous effect not only in good lighting, very good dripping is also provided by Reload.In addition, to ensure better water flow, the front […]

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It’s time for winter tires

And this great moment came … no more alu rims this year! Time for winter wheels 😉My winter tires are an inch smaller than summer wheels, but this is not particularly noticeable, at least I did not notice any differences (except for visual ones :D)Alloy wheels have been washed, and I have plan to apply […]

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