It fits perfectly to glossy black covers, which are on my front bumper (R-Line from the Polo 6C).

For clarity:
Rear bumper from Polo 6R BlueGT = Polo 6R GTI = Polo 6R WRC Street.
The only difference is the diffuser, which on Polo 6R WRC Street is slightly changed – it is more protruding and has a gloss black color.

Part numbers

  1. Gloss black diffuser — Polo WRC Street
    6R6 807 568 N 041 (6R6807568N041)
  2. Gloss black rear towing eye cover
    6R6 807 441 A 041 (6R6807441A041)

041 = glossy black / piano black


  1. 6R6807568N041 – 333,44 PLN (insert, glossy black)
  2. 6R6807441A041 – 47,38 PLN (cover cap, glossy black)

Replacing the diffuser

To remove the old diffuser without breaking the catches, it is most convenient to pull off the entire bumper.

Now it’s time to put the rear bumper back on

Not bad 🙂

Photos of the old diffuser (from the Polo 6R BlueGT/GTI)

Part number: 6R6 807 568 J (6R6807568J)