I bought these used rims in perfect condition, they come from a Volkswagen Polo 6C. Initially, I wanted to buy graphite rims from Audi, I saw them at a favorable price on OLX.pl, but someone bought them before me. Later I came across these so I had no choice but to buy them.

I bought them for 1700 PLN (+ 80 PLN shipping costs).
The price of one new rim in the Volkswagen showroom is 397 EUR :O

17-inch Mirabeau alloy wheels — Polo 6C (6C0 601 025 B)
7Jx17H2 ET46

Part number:

6C0601025B (6C0 601 025 B)

Photos from the catalog

OMG, one new rim costs 397 EUR (1750 PLN) :O

Oddly enough, all the rims came packed in one package, oh the couriers won’t like me again…

Here you can see how the rims look on my Polo 6R