BCM Max from VW Caravelle T6

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BCM PQ25 Max4 H80 0733 (7E0 937 090 Z4Y)

With the great help of Fernando I connected BCM Max 7E0 from Volkswagen T6 in my car. What was needed was an interference in the electrical system, because the wiring in the Transporter is different that which is factory in Polo 6R.

After many hours of work on connecting the new wiring beams and changing the existing wires, I succeeded — now I can enjoy from having BCM Max, with support backlight on the new steering (I have MFSW from Scirocco ’15), Full LED headlights, HBA, etc.

My previous post about BCM Max

Fernando needed some details to prepare correct wiring for my car, so I took photos of fusebox, relays and light switch:

and… after some time I received this magic box with wiring harness:

Let’s go!

My BCM was used so I had to clean the existing keys first (channel 000: Remote Control Clearing) and then add mine (Channel 001: Remote Control Matching).

Here is a nice guide: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/VW_Jetta_(16)_Body_Control_Module#Adaptation

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: None
Part No SW: 7E0 937 090 HW: 7E0 937 090
Component: BCM PQ25 Max4 H80 0733
Revision: B9080001 Serial number: 0771 317151015
Coding: 3CB02BBF08F3240092380CB02C6B8CD11FC0410F60040000200000030000
Shop #: WSC 02737 534 108638
VCID: E8D948E21B04315EB3D-80BD
BCM Max from VW Caravelle T6 | thx ciclo