List of small air compressors

Some cars have a factory repair kit instead of the spare wheel. My car had a spare wheel, but I still wanted to buy a factory air compressor. Before I bought it, as usual, I did a little research, below is a short list of the basic, popular models.

While doing research for factory compressors, I noticed that, similarly to the battery charger (CTEK), compressors in VAG cars are only branded, in fact the manufacturer is VENTREX, Aircom or Active Tools/AirMan.

As you can easily see, they differ in the manufacturer, the position of the pressure gauge, the presence of an additional button to deflate the air, backlight of the pressure gauge dial and the method of connection (older compressors had cables with alligator clips to connect directly to the battery clamps, currently practically all mobile air compressors have a 12V cigarette lighter plug).

List of VAG compressors

Comparison of several air compressor models that were equipped in VAG vehicles.
Just a few examples, probably there is more compressors 😉

Compressors with pressure gauge in the hose


4G0 012 615

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH


4G0 012 615 A

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH


8D0 012 615 C

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH


8P0 012 615 A

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH
Price: 819-868 PLN


8P0 012 615 B

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH


8X0 012 615

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH


8D0 012 615 B

Producer: VENTREX Automotive GmbH

Compressors with a manometer in the housing


7P0 012 617 A

Producer: Aircom


7L0 012 617 B

Producer: Active Tools International (parent company of AirMan)


5N0 012 615

Producer: Active Tools International (parent company of AirMan)


5N0 012 615 C

Producer: Aircom


8P0 012 615 C

Producer: Active Tools International (parent company of AirMan)

The original name of the compressor 8P0012615C is AirMan Hawk 254, and car companies only add their logo there and sell it for a 4 times higher price…

Other air compressors (non branded by VAG)


A 000 583 22 02 / A2465840138

Producer: DT/UW (Dunlop Tech GmbH), branded by Mercedes Benz Parts

Continental Air Compressor with Sealant (ContiMobilityKit)


FCPC-19G525-AA (Ford)

Producer: Continental

Used mainly in Renault, Ford and Nissan cars.

Quick&Safe Automatic Puncture Repair Kit


MAXTOOLS TR200 Tyre Repair Kit CAR

Producer: MAXTOOLS, designed  for generic cars

MAXTOOLS TR300 Tyre Repair Kit SUV

Producer: MAXTOOLS, designed for SUVs

MAXTOOLS TR500 Tyre Repair Kit CV

Producer: MAXTOOLS, designed for Commercial Vehicles


Producer: Aircom

 AirMobilityKit2K = CompAir2K compressor + SealAir2k sealant bottle

Tire Inflator Hawk 254

Producer: AirMan

It’s very similar to model 8P0012615C from VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda but in few color (blue or black).

AirMan ResQ Pilot Mobility 12V Compressor

Producer: Active Tools / AirMan

AKA Airman 71-047-001 ResQ Pilot Valve Through Sealant 300 Puncture repair kit


Airman 51-051 / Full kit (AirMan ResQ TireRepair): 71-051-011

Producer: Active Tools / AirMan

Newer, upgraded version of Airman HAWK 254 produced by Active Tools – The Air Pump Company.