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Inverter 230V 150W OEM — Audi A8 / VW Golf 7 Variant (4H0 907 155 D)

It works only when the engine is running (after ignition key like OEM in Audi, Passat, Golf, Jetta etc.) 8)

It’s nice to have a 230V socket in the car, but it turned out that no Polo 6R had a factory inverter. I’ve looked through quite a few topics about this. The new inverter in authorised dealers costs about 915 PLN, used about 250-350 PLN, so the difference is amazing. In cars such as Passat, Golf or Jetta, the 230V inverter is most often found in the center console. However, there is no factory frame to fit the console on the Polo 6R. However, while browsing the Volkswagen catalog, I found pictures of the Golf 7 Variant, which has a 230V socket in the trunk. The trunk is the perfect place for the 6R converter. On the allegro I found a used converter from Audi A8 / Golf 7 Variant for about PLN 240. For this I needed the socket frame – I bought the original one at an authorized Volkswagen dealer for 80 PLN.

Another problem was the factory connection (no other option was an option). There are no instructions on the Internet on how to connect a 230V inverter in a VW Polo 6R. The transducer has an input for 3 cables: +12, GND and one additional, which turns on the converters after turning the key in the ignition switch.
I came across this description: www.drive2.ru/l/7811019/ – it shows that the factory inverter needs an additional +12 to be active (thanks Karin for help with the translation!). In that journal, the guest connected both 12V cables together, but this is not a good solution. In Volkswagen and Audi, the inverter only works on the attached engine. So, to connect the converter in the original way, we need to connect an additional +12V signal to it.
I asked a friend to analyze the schematics in ELSA and here is the solution for factory connection of the 230V converter:

Polo 6R
— pin 1 — black — 2,5mm — GND
— pin 2 — red — 2,5mm — additional fuse (30A)
— pin 3 — yellow — 0,5mm — BCM T73b/49

Caddy / Touran
— pin 1 — black — 2,5mm — GND
— pin 2 — red — 2,5mm — SC45 (30A)
— pin 3 — yellow — 0,5mm — BCM T52c/32 lub Bordnetz F/4

Golf mk5
— pin 1 — black — 2,5mm — GND
— pin 2 — red — 2,5mm — SC31 (30A)
— pin 3 — yellow — 0,5mm — Bordnetz F/4

Golf mk6
— pin 1 — black — 2,5mm — GND
— pin 2 — red — 2,5mm — SC31 (30A)
— pin 3 — yellow — 0,5mm — BCM T52c/32

The necessary parts:

— inverter: 4H0 907 155 D (4H0907155D)
— flat contact housing 3 pin: 1J0 972 753 (1J0972753)
— trim for socket: 7L6 864 298 9B9 (7L68642989B9)
— black wire 2,5mm
— red wire 2,5mm
— yellow wire 0,5mm

4H0907155D – 230V inverter

7L68642989B9 – trim for socket

1J0972753 – flat contact housing for contact: 3 pin

Inspirations: Golf 7 Variant, Touareg, Touran

The inverter has already installed in my car and everything is working. When I will have more time, I will make a hole in right rear carpet trim side and mount socket in the right side of the boot like new VW Golf 7 Variant,  Touareg or Touran:

I think here is a nice place to put the inverter:

I’ll think about it later…