Aftermarket service tool VAG 3424 

I bought oval sockets from allegro to remove the steering knuckle from the shock absorber – VAG 3424 / T20040 style:

The original VAG 3424 spreader costs around 100 PLN and cannot currently be ordered online due to lack of availability:

You can find many similar ones on aliexpress, but most are rectangular rather than oval and the quality of the cheapest sockets probably won’t be very good either. You could generally try with a thick flathead screwdriver instead, or just spray WD-40 and batter the knuckles from the top with a hammer to get it off the shock – but I painted my knuckles blue, so I can’t treat them with a hammer 🙂

So I bought two similar sockets from Condor – the same ones are also from BGS – they look quite good, after test use the metal didn’t bend.

Oval socket 5.0 / 7.0 mm, 1/2″

Manufacturer code: Condor C.4818/7 / BGS 6454

Oval socket 5.5 / 8.0 mm, 1/2″

Manufacturer code: Condor C.4818/8 / BGS 6453

The set of two MacPherson column clamp sockets from BGS has the code BGS 6455 – you can find them at a cool price on amazon:

When it comes to good VW service tool replacements in my opinion the Hazet 4912-1 socket should also be fine:

Photos of Condor suspension srut spreader sockets: