At Michel’s insistence, I decided to change this suspension component as well. I already have virtually all the components from the front suspension removed, so replacing these cushions shouldn’t be too onerous.

After buying the suspension strut storages, I noticed that the shock absorber bearings from the FEBI kit are different from the factory ones, so I did a little research on the Internet – in the following post I presented everything I could find.

To begin with, the list of parts needed:

Part numberNameQtyPrice

1J0412331C1J0 412 331 C

suspension strut storage244,00 zł (FEBI F09228)

1H0412365A1H0 412 365 A

threaded bush27,99 zł (Febi Bilstein 14099)

N90353604N 903 536 04

hexagon nut, self-locking

231,49 zł (OEM)

6R04122496R0 412 249

deep groove ball thrust bearng219,66 zł (Lemforder)

Suspension strut storage 1J0412331C

FEBI F09228

6R0412249 – deep groove ball thrust bearng

Shock absorbers in the Polo 6R have bearings with an additional “flange”. Admittedly, it is possible to put on ordinary ones, as from a Golf 4, but then a small gap will remain between the bearing and the plastic from the shock absorber, which will allow dirt to accumulate right next to the bearing.

The factory shock absorber bearings are made by Rollax Germany. Apart from this manufacturer, only Lemforder makes bearings with perfect shape. The rest like FEBI, INA, etc. make them without this plastic “ring”.

1H0412365A – threaded bush M14X1,50 

wrench: 21 mm
tightening torque: 60 Nm

2 * 1H0412365A – nut over shock absorber cushion

N90353604 – hexagon nut, self-locking M14X1,50 

wrench: 21 mm
tightening torque: 60 Nm

2 * N90353604 – nut for attaching the shock absorber to the car body