I have tried to buy an accessory 22mm sway bar, but to no avail. Anti-roll bars from VWR (Volkswagen Racingline), nor from KW are currently available and cannot be ordered. Of the options currently available, only a stabiliser from Eibach can be ordered, but it is in red so not suitable for my Polo.

At Michel’s insistence, I finally decided to buy a 20 mm thick factory stabiliser.

I wanted to change it to improve handling, after all I still had the softest 18mm version from the standard Polo 6R 1.4.

When replacing the stabiliser bar with a factory-built but thicker one, you need to take into account that they are manufactured for transmissions – there are different ones for manual, others for DSG DQ200.

PR-Code: G0K = 6-speed manual transmission
PR-Code: G1C = 7-speed automatic transmission

6Q0411305AN – anti-roll bar

As the VW original cost 458 PLN and the FAG replacement cost 250 PLN, and it’s just a piece of rod – I chose FAG 😉

Photos of stabiliser 6Q0411305AN from FAG:

WHT005480 – hex collared bolt M8X60 – for stabiliser rubber mounts

4 * WHT005480 – screw for stabiliser rubber band

tightening torque: 20 Nm and turn 90° furtner

6Q0411314R – Rubber bush

2 * 6Q0411314R – rubber bush
Stabiliser rubbers should always be replaced on both sides.

6Q0411333A – clamp, left

Left clamp for 18-20 mm stabiliser

6Q0411334A –  clamp, right

Right clamp for 18-20 mm stabiliser

The clamps are made without any additional coating – you can even see the overheating from the welds, so to make sure they didn’t rust too quickly, I degreased the outside and spray-painted it with several coats of zinc:

Comparison of the old stabiliser to the new one

Stabiliser screwed to the assembly carrier subframe

To make it easier to get the assembly carrier subframe under the car, I made a simple trolley out of planks and furniture wheels that will allow the beam to be slid in without having to scrub it on the floor: